A wwoofer on the road !

If in Ireland it is usual to find people walking on the country roads, what happened today was quite unexpected!

As we went into Blacklion to pick more dry food for the cats and check in the Haras that everything was okay, we just found a guy on the road, walking, smiling at the sun, with is big luggage behind him. Thinking of all the things we had to do, this guy was like a flash in our minds. But as we passed him again on the way back, we began to wonder…

“A man alone in the road… He did not seems really irish, maybe more Spanish… With a trunk… Could it be a wwoofer? But they aren’t that many farms taking wwoofers around here, except us… Naaah, we have nobody coming for now !”

And we went back home to feed the animals and eat. But at maybe 9 p.m., we heard someone knocking on the door. And it was this Spanish guy (well, we learnt that he was from Switzerland) coming here as a wwoofer during a week.

Fortunately, we have enough space here to welcome anybody who wants to help us, so Fabien was more than welcomed. It’s not every day that you can find a volunteer ready to walk more than 20km to come and help you !


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