RIP Panda

Today a bad mood is planning over the sanctuary. When we woke, we found out that Panda isn’t able to walk now. It’s been several weeks since he began to loose strength but as he was still walking and following us during our duties, we enjoyed to keep him by our sides. And he is also been with Joan and Michael for many years.

It is always hard to decide to end a life, but today we had to make a decision. So we took the car and brought him to the vet in Enniskillen. They agreed with us and we had to say goodbye to a very very nice dog. We’ve always hoped to see him recovering as some do. But with winter coming… At least we think he hasn’t suffered much.

Bye Panda


A wwoofer on the road !

If in Ireland it is usual to find people walking on the country roads, what happened today was quite unexpected!

As we went into Blacklion to pick more dry food for the cats and check in the Haras that everything was okay, we just found a guy on the road, walking, smiling at the sun, with is big luggage behind him. Thinking of all the things we had to do, this guy was like a flash in our minds. But as we passed him again on the way back, we began to wonder…

“A man alone in the road… He did not seems really irish, maybe more Spanish… With a trunk… Could it be a wwoofer? But they aren’t that many farms taking wwoofers around here, except us… Naaah, we have nobody coming for now !”

And we went back home to feed the animals and eat. But at maybe 9 p.m., we heard someone knocking on the door. And it was this Spanish guy (well, we learnt that he was from Switzerland) coming here as a wwoofer during a week.

Fortunately, we have enough space here to welcome anybody who wants to help us, so Fabien was more than welcomed. It’s not every day that you can find a volunteer ready to walk more than 20km to come and help you !

Jessie, a new collie in the arc !

Jessie -  female- rescue - dog - joan - arc - animal - sanctuary - glangevlin - cavan - Ireland - 3Few days ago, we received a call from a woman in Dublin. She had a border collie of 9 months, but even if she loves her dog very much, they are known to be hard to keep in house. So she asked us if we could take and rehome her.

Of course we can ! We are here for that and it’s always a pleasure !

But as we were wondering, how could we go to Dublin, this is a really long trip (and it has a cost), the woman called us again and explained that she just met a man from Glangevlin. He is a lorry driver, and as he was going back home, he told her that taking the dog with him was no problem !

What a chance !

Jessie -  female- rescue - dog - joan - arc - animal - sanctuary - glangevlin - cavan - Ireland - 4So here we where, on a Sunday night, waiting for a lorry driver and a puppy, in the car park of the Shannon Pot. When we took her in the car, she was like so happy to see knew people, unperturbed, welcoming and all. We though we would have no problems to rehome her. And see for yourself how lovely she is !

So now that she is settled. She is really lively, but we’ve done agility with and could teach you a few tricks ! She knows how to sit and give the paws. She also have all her vaccins checked, and has a lot of love to give, so if you are interested don’t hesitate to send us an email.

The french love their Baguette !

baguette - rescue - cat - joan - arc - animal - wwoofer - Nabiha - sanctuary - glangevlin - cavan - IrelandIt’s been nearly 15 weeks that we welcomed our last kitten in Joan’s Arc. The poor one had problems with her front paws and couldn’t walk well. Like many, she had been found on the road in a very bad state.

But now she is quite alright. Running everywhere, eating like hell. We still keep her out of the way of the other cats because as she is more feeble than any kitten, the others might try and attack her.

And our two French wwoofers just fell in love with her. During the last days, we thought that it was time to give her a name. We usually wait because unfortunately, kittens who haven’t reach 12 weeks can still die, and winter is coming. But this one seems like she passed the tough limit.

As Paul and Nabiha (our French wwoofers) might be leaving in a few days, they really wanted to leave like a part of them in the arc. And as the kitten shared a lot their place (and bed !), we where searching for a French name. After a lot of unsuccessful words, we finally found it: Baguette. What could be better for a French !

Tripod & his History

This is Tripod.  A woman rang me 5 years ago to ask if I would take a cat.  She said she thought it had a sprained front paw.  She told me she had seen the cat on the pavement and a woman had picked it up by the tail and thrown it over a hedge.  She went into the garden to have a look, picked up the cat, and took it home.  She spent the next 3 weeks trying to get someone to take it and someone told her about my rescue center Joan’s Arc.

When I met the woman she turned out to be in her sixties wearing a lot of gold jewelry and also discovered she had a shop Ladies Fashions.  She had not bothered to take the cat to a vet so by the time I got him it was too late and his leg had to be amputated.  He also had a problem with his stomach and needs to have very expensive prescription food from the vet – which is the reason he is still with me.

This article was written at least a year ago. Unfortunately, we lost tripod this month. With his bad lungs, he refuse to eat a lot a got really weak. We brought him to the vet, and at the end, he died during surgery. Nevertheless, we are quite happy to have hosted him, and we keep a lot of good moments in mind. So RIP Tripod.

Badgers Eat with our cats !

We have four resident badgers (wild) that live under some of the cabins here at the sanctuary.  These are photos of the badgers eating peacefully with the cats.  Though!  There have been instances of cat – badger disagreement..  Once a cat began growling at the badger.  He swatted at the badger and caught his claw in the badger’s snout.  The badger did nothing.  Eventually the cat was able to free his claw and the group carried on eating together.

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